The price tag of removing a tree in your yard varies depending on many things. The time of the year in which the tree is removed is one of the key factors. Why is this? Because tree removal service usually costs much less during the winter season and early spring months. There are a few reasons why, and we will explain each of those as well as other components to keep in mind when you are looking for a quote.

A big role in any company’s pricing is of course supply and demand. People typically don’t need as many trees removed in the winter and spring, so companies will strategically offer lower pricing at times to entice customers. Historically February and March have been the cheapest months for a tree removal. This is also known as “dormant season” in the industry. The leaves have fallen and trees become much easier to clear for arborists.

It’s also much better for the environment to removed trees during this season. Colder ground means the dirt and surrounding fauna are less impacted during the actual extraction. The frozen ground also can help to keep any nearby vegetation in place during the removal.

On the flipside, the super busy months for tree companies are during the late spring to summer months. This is because these are the stormy and windy months. Many homeowners experience bigger storms causing more damage and are in need of emergency services.

One major thing to be on the lookout for is suspiciously and noticeably low quotes. Any best tree service company in Chicago has a license with modern equipment. These cost money to maintain. If you receive a quote that is too affordable to be true – watch out. It could mean that the company is trying to cut costs in a very crucial operating area. Like many areas of life, you get what you pay for.

Selecting a quality tree business will take a little bit of research, but shouldn’t stop you from removing any trees you need at any time of the year.